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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dutchess County Fair

Dutchess County Fair
Dutchess County Fair was started on 25th August, 2009 under clear skied, warm weather and a big crowd hungry for rides, food, music and games. This fair will run through Sunday that started on Tuesday at 10 am and held on Route 9 of the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. Around four hundred vendors are there in this year’s fair. Some of the vendors that are stalling in this year’s Dutchess County Fair are from local businesses and some of them are from fair to fair travelers, said by the manager of business affairs concessions, Deborah Aschmann. Set-up preparation of this event were started at 9 am on late Friday and continued till Monday 11 pm.
Deborah Aschmann further said that the Dutchess County Fair is a pretty strong event. She was patrolling the golf cart via grounds on Monday morning, delivering a wireless modem, given directions and trying to make the process of set-up ran easily. When she met Jeff Coon of Milan there, she stopped to say him hello.
Directions to reach to the Dutchess County Fair Grounds are very clear and simple as it is located in historic Rhinebeck Park, NY of Route 9. If you are coming from outstations then you must consider the accommodations. As there are only few days left in the summer vacations, local attractions may be fit into your journey which may be towards Dutchess County Fair.

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