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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jasmine Fiore PICTURES

Jasmine Fiore Pictures

Pictures of Playboy’s Jasmine Fiore, plus new details into Jasmine Fiore’s death and Ryan Alexander Jenkins of Megan Wants a Millionaire. Exclusive first pics of Jasmine Fiore and Ryan Alexander Jenkins were revealed Tuesday night on LALATE. Fiore’s body had been found here, in Los Angeles’ Hollywood area, stuffed in a suitcase and thrown into a trash bin. Now new details into Fiore’s rise, Jenkins failure on the Vh-1 reality show, and reaction, and coming in.

After scattered details first broke into Fiore’s death Tuesday night, LALATE had the first exclusive phtoos and details. Here now is the recap. In December 2008, LALATE first broke the announcement - Megan Hausserman would be getting own reality show. Her desire? To become a “trophy wife”. One man that wanted that trophy was Jenkins. MEGAN HAUSERMAN is looking for a man who will shower her with LOVE and MONEY. VH1 is casting SINGLE MEN of the HIGHEST PEDIGREE to compete for the bikini clad bombshell from ROCK OF LOVE 2, CHARM SCHOOL and I LOVE MONEY.

It was from that casting that Ryan Alexander Jenkins was picked for the cast. The show premiered early August. By Tuesday, online reality show bloggers were reviewing the show’s progress. In fact, Jenkins appeared to be ahead. By week 3, 17 men were down to 10 including Jenkins; Jenkins even was the only male by week 3 to get a solo date with Megan. In fact as broke Tuesday exclusively on LALATE, female viewers loved Jenkins, one calling him “perfect”, many calling them the man of their dreams. Comments included the following: We now know Ryan Alexander Jenkins would reach the finales but would not win.

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