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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mexico vs USA August 12 Time

The Mexico vs USA August 12 start time is at 4 p.m. today in Mexico City. When the Mexico vs USA starting time approaches, the USA will try to take another big leap forwardMexico vs. USA Start Time: August 12, 4 p.m. in soccer. Mexico vs USA matches in Mexico have always been lopsided, and in Mexico's favor. But in this Mexico vs USA World Cup qualifier on August 12, the USA can make an even bigger statement than they did weeks ago in South Africa.
The Mexico vs USA match this time isn't for any championships, like in the Confederations Cup. Both Mexico and the USA are almost assured of qualifying in the World Cup, and the results one way or another shouldn't change that. But when the Mexico vs USA August 12 time approaches, the game will be all about pride for the United States, and another reaching an even bigger milestone than the Confederations Cup finals.
The USA soccer team is 0-22-1 all time in Mexico, with the August 12 match taking place in front of the usual 100,000+ in Mexico City. The USA has been able to beat Mexico in America, most notably in a 2-0 triumph in February which made the Mexicans overhaul their coaching staff. This time, however, they are facing off in Estadio Azteca, one of soccer's biggest home-field advantages. At least that is the case when Mexico hosts the USA.

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