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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Felicia Lee

Felicia Lee
31-year-old Felicia Tang Lee was killed in Monrovia by “The Sexiest Bachelor in America” 2000 contestant Brian Lee Randone on Friday, Sept. 11, 2009. Felicia Lee, a soft-core porn star, actress and model also used pseudonym “Felicia Tang.” 45-year-old Brian Lee Randone who is a resident of Monrovia and Felicia Tang Lee’s boy friend, is reported to torture and murdered the porn star, according to the police authorities. Brian Lee is known as a self-styled or self-proclaimed preacher. He killed Felicia at Monrovia apartment (500 block of West Duarte Road).
The Sheriff’s spokesman Shiara Davila stated that Brian Lee Randone has been charged on account of torture and murder of a former porn star actress Felicia Tang Lee, whose dead body was discovered a week ago. Los Angeles Country district attorney’s office confirmed that the woman seemed to have been severely beaten up. Clear cut evidence of multiple injuries sustained in the 24 hours before her death could never be overruled. The investigations were carried out and the detectives are reported pursuing the motive behind the brutal killing as yet.
A Moody Bible Institute (Chicago) graduate did not have any criminal record prior to this fatal crime (as per Orange or San Bernardino counties court entries), was held on against a $2 million bail. So far it has not been confirmed how old Brian and Felicia relationship actually was. However some believe that the couple had a pool-side meeting as their first, in Las Vegas few months ago. Poor Felicia an October 22, 1977 born, appeared in few Sketchers shoes ads, modeled for Playboy magazine photo shoots and participated in Strip Poker International as well. Academically, she had a BS in Business Administration. Action-packed movies such as “Rush Hour 2” and “The Fast and the Furious” are also on her credits as an actress.

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