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Monday, October 12, 2009

palm beach county property appraiser

palm beach county property appraiser
The Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller’s office reported it received a record-breaking 18,325 petitions by the Sept. 14 deadline. That’s up nearly 40 percent from the 13,200 appeals filed a year ago. Of those, 9,888, were for residential properties, 2,587 were commercial, 1,334, were for vacant lots/acreage, 1,098 were industrial, 130 were agricultural and 3,288 were unspecified. The value adjustment board, which receives and processes petitions, said in a news release that “the sluggish economy, proposed increases in property taxes” and a law that puts the burden of proving that the assessment is accurate on the property appraiser, are behind the increase.
The same story is playing out in Broward County, where 32,409 petitions were filed by the Sept. 18 deadline, up from 29,822 in 2008. Of those, 8,193 were residential, 10,293 were commercial, 3,145 were vacant lots/acreage and 6,443 were for condos. Most are challenges to the property’s market value, with the remaining pertaining to the property’s exemption status, tangible value, portability and classification, according to Lynda Phillips, Broward County’s VAB supervisor. Miami-Dade County’s value adjustment board has not yet put all of the petitions into its computer system. A spokesman said there were 64,000 so far, and that the number is expected to exceed the 70,000 petitions received in 2008.

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